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Thanksgiving in April: Brined Turkey Breast with E-Z Gravy & Sage Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing

25 Apr

This past month has felt more like a particularly grim Fall than the dawning of Spring: torrential downpours and whipping winds have swept away all of my grand weekend hiking and strolling plans, not to mention most of the little budding goodies that have managed to peek through the frost.

Morning walks at this time of the year should be sun-dappled and filled with visions of saffron daffodils, violet pansies, chirping cardinals and rolling fields of sprouting grass populated by hopping bunnies. Instead, they’re gray, cloudy affairs on muddy, sodden fields full of green goose poop. I spend most of my time outside blowing hot air on red, chapped fingers and fretting about how dirty Penelope is getting frolicking about in the muck.

It’s hard to get excited about asparagus, green peas and radishes while it’s still in the 40s and 50s. So this week, instead of whipping out an Easter-friendly honey ham or a hearty leg of lamb, I cranked out a Thanksgiving Feast. Consider it my offering to Helius, Anemi, Harpyiae and Zeus. May my Brined Turkey with E-Z Gravy and Sage Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing quell their righteous anger, and may they finally allow Spring out of the damp cold basement they’ve cast her in! Click on for my edible (and quite delicious) sacrifice.

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