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Cook and Go-Go-Go: Chinese Spaghetti, Two Ways

19 Sep

Penny thinks I should stay home and hang out with her

Sometimes, my work weeks sprout up and grow like sinister weeds, threatening to choke my entire life in an incoherent jumble of superfluous paper work. This is bound to happen every once in a while if you insist on holding down a full time job + three freelance gigs + you possess a robotic sense of duty that stands in firm opposition to fun.

Add a few standard family-life snafus to the mix and food becomes something you cram in your head hole while talking on the phone and running down the hallway with too many bags strapped to your shoulders, not something you carefully prepare and savor with loved ones.

After just one of those weeks, I was craving my Dad’s spaghetti Bolognese, something that requires a full day of cooking, and a serious financial outlay to do properly, neither of which I had even the remotest desire to produce. (When I was a kid and someone moved my cheese or generally disrupted my need for absolute broken-record routine, I’d demand my Dad’s spaghetti Bolognese and eat it until my brain’s “uh-oh” button stopped flashing).

As an adult, when the goin’ gets tough, the need for Dad’s sghetti has not dissipated. Instead, it has been united with a visceral craving for fried Chinese takeout. The ideal treat is cold sesame noodles and dumplings with a side of Dad’s spaghetti. (Not great for my cholesterol, but cheaper than therapy. Also, I was raised Catholic, so chugging merlot straight from the bottle and crying for an hour in considered to be a healthier form of problem-solving than talk therapy. Eating pasta? Even better!).

Over the years, I’ve cranked out a few go-to recipes that meld the two comforting flavor profiles in one giant mound of noodles – and they’re super fast to make and transport, perfect for throwing in to-go containers so I can tote em along on my next zany errand.

I like the vegetarian version, Stephen loves the meaty version. Click on for recipes and pictures.

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