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Air Heads: Crab Cakes & Devil’s Rose Cupcakes

26 Feb

My face is smiling "yes" but the invisible thought bubble above my head is screaming "NOOOOO! Send help!!"

Stephen is no longer allowed to go to grad school.

After a few masters and a Juris Doctor under his belt, I drew the line at medical school. But his quest for spending large sums of money on the pursuit of ephemeral knowledge, cannot, evidently, be quenched.

So instead of caving and agreeing to live in a dorm into my doddery, I panicked and enrolled him in flight school at Christmas.

The only catch? I had to fly along, at least for the first lesson.

We decided to take our first jaunt in Farmingdale, Long Island — far enough from home to feel like we were on a journey, but close enough to be able to avoid getting a dog-sitter.

Giddy up

Stephen, our teacher Ken and I loaded into an alarmingly Lilliputian Cessna 172 Skyhawk and …. Took flight. There were very few preparatory instructions; it was clearly a learning on the job situation, like joining a cult, or parenthood.

Fire Island

I put myself in yogini mode and folded my body up like an origami Kathleen-paper-bot, I slipped into the back seat and concentrated on concentrating on not panicking. I got about 2 square feet of space, which was just enough to focus on taking pictures with my iPhone and lock the fact that my over-caffeinated speed-demon lead-foot husband was jetting us 3,500 feet into the air and there wasn’t a barf bag in sight far, far away in a black box marked “Do Not Open!” in my skittering, jumpy little mind.

Flying in a little single-engine almost makes you want to bust out the air guitar for a little "Free Bird." Almost.

After a surprisingly smooth flight over the Atlantic Ocean, one that did not entail any unexpected appearances and / or dispersions of bodily fluids, past the Sunrise Highway, Fire Island and Robert Moses Beach, a few loops around and precipitous stomach-lurching dips on stiff Southeast crosswinds, I was ready to go again … This time with Loop-de-Loops! Unfortunately, our time was up.

So we did the mature thing …. A tequila flight over brunch.

We were flying the friendly skies all day!

By the time dinner rolled around, we were craving something easy and … wait for it … down to earth. Nothing’s easier than crab cakes and a simple green salad. Followed by a devilish dessert … Click on for recipes.

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