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Lazy Days: Picnic Food & Veggie Brochettes & Souped Up Turkey Sliders

6 Jun


Summer’s here, and the living’s easy.

At least it should be: warm weather and sunny skies beckon me away from the hot stove, out to the sizzling grill in the open air and picnic benches on the edge of lakes, surrounded by rolling hills that blaze into fuchsia and azure flower-flecked glory as the sun sets.

Unfortunately, warm weather and sunny skies don’t magically imbue me with the sense of laid-back ease and je nous se qua everyone else seems to exhibit come June.

In general, I’m as relaxed and mellow as a Chihuahua being thrown out of a moving plane. If there’s a panic button, my finger is hovering near it, at the ready; the sun’s relative distance to my person does not seem to affect this, though wine seems to help.

This weekend, Stephen and I took that rare opportunity to enjoy the outdoors when we both actually enjoy the weather: I don’t need to wear a jacket and he isn’t schvitzing buckets. We decided to pack a picnic Friday night and have a little cookout with our neighbors Sunday night. I prepared for both as if we were mounting a sustained war against an unpredictable guerilla battalion, under continuous air and ground assault.

I strapped on a massive picnic panic kit that my father, another obsessive-compulsive preparer, gave Stephen for Christmas one year. It’s equipped with cutting boards, corks, cutlery galore, glasses, plates, blankets, a first aid kit, a map of the surrounding counties and quite possibly a few extra beating hearts, who knows? It’s a dream come true.

Click on for recipes for the perfect spread of no-cook grab and go picnic food, Vegetable Brochettes and Souped Up Turkey Burgers for the grill.

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